Climbs and Highlines

As every Cape Town climber knows, summer is the season of low psych that comes every year like a plague, well at least in my case.

Every season I seem to loose a bit of psych and go out and try different things to return for boulder league to get strong for season, This year that wasn’t really the case, it’s been a very eventful summer, with the World Champs in November, Rock Masters in December and a super strong exchange climber who stayed with us for a few weeks from Reunion Island. And the Gravity Bowl comp at Bloc 11

A bunch of us have started getting really into slacklining again, we started out just keen for some tricklining which went really well, managing to link up big dynamic combos however we soon lost a bit of interest and started looking out and up… Yup longlines and highlines. We all clubbed together and bought 85m of SlackGear Great White webbing and imported some amazing pulleys in order to tension it up. We were all working a 50m and sent quickly. Then we went on out first highline last year with Andy and the crew to Redhill Dam, what a beautiful line, 35m long and 20m high straight across the dam wall. however the manager of the waterworks felt differently and called the police to tell us to take it down.


First walk on the 35m 

After that line we just wanted more and more, so we went on a mission to learn more about rigging and slacklining and are able to rig our own highlines, we did the 20m at the Higgovale quarry 3 times and the 42m at the quarry once, we also rigged the Chappies line but we didn’t exactly love the idea of a one bolt anchor for  a highline, so we backed it up to a boulder far back and when the line slipped of the padding during my first walk, we decided to pack it in for the day…


before the slippage…

After all the slacklining shenanigans, there was the Gravity Bowl competition at Bloc 11, the comp had such a good vibe on both days,. The first day was a boulder league style comp where there were 30  boulders an you had to climb as many as possible, I managed to send all 30 but by the time the next day came around I was too tired to really give the main competition my best shot and ended up placing 7th… Well done on Solene (the exchange climber from Reunion staying with us) on absolutely crushing the open females problems and winning the comp!

As the season draws nearer and nearer, the psych is slowly beginning to build again and i’m looking forward to all the excitement this year has to offer.

Thanks for reading and keep sending!