MSR Mutha Hubba NX Tent Review

The Mutha HubbaA-MSR-LOGO-1024x949NX 3 – Person tent is a lightweight, versatile tent for climbing and backpacking. I had the opportunity to use this tent in Rocklands a few weeks ago and it held up to every different kind of weather that the Cederberg could throw at us!

This tent is definitely the most livable tent I have ever stayed in. It was incredibly comfy with only two people in it and it felt as if I was sleeping in my room in Cape Town! It is really easy to setup because it is made with a single pole design that connects all the poles to the central pole on the top. Weighing in at only 2.07 kilograms it is the prefect choice for a few weeks trekking in the ‘berg or just chilling in Sandrift with a few mates. The tent can also be setup in a “fast and light” mode, where the actual tent is not needed as you attach the fly sheet directly to the poles creating a super light shelter in case the weather turns. The “fast and light” mode with the (not included footprint) weighs only 1.66 kilograms. The Tent’s fly sheet was amazingly waterproof during the few times when it rained pretty hard in Rocklands and the structure held up really well to the 40+km/h winds. The guy ropes are easy to use although they don’t necessarily need to be in place for the tent to function, as it is free standing.IMG_2956

At both entrances there are built-in rain gutters so that you don’t get wet  getting in and out of it. (Something that I found to be a problem on some of my other tents.) The fly also has kickstand vents to provide the tent with some ventilation even when it is raining. It also provides the right balance between nylon and mesh which creates a warm, breathable and private space. The pegs/stakes are really light weight and come with snow-stakes. The vestibules are very spacious and we managed to keep all our gear in them so that we had ample space in our tent for playing poker and listening to music when the weather was closing in.

I thoroughly enjoyed using this tent  and would highly recommend it for anybody who loves getting into the mountains, whether you’re a fisherman, hiker, climber, skier or just a camper you would love this tent.A Thing Of Beauty

MSR Dragonfly Liquid-Fuel Stove Review

A-MSR-LOGO-1024x949I was given an opportunity to test out the MSR Dragonfly stove on my latest 12 day trip to Rocklands. We cooked just about every meal on it and it never let us down! The Dragonfly is a very stable stove that is able to hold a large pot, pan or kettle. It is easy to use and very cheap and efficient on fuel too!  It can use a variety of different fuels, including Kerosene (benzine), Paraffin, Unleaded Auto Gas and  Petrol (apparently  it can also use diesel and jet fuel – so basically it can burn anything!)

The Dragonfly feels extremely sturdy as well, the pump feels solid and in general looks and is super reliable. Although being an incredible simmering stove it is really easy to boil water quickly and efficiently for coffee on those chilly mornings!

It is also very compact and folds down into 1/3 of its original size. The priming process is something that I was not used to, this being the first liquid-fuel stove I’ve used it was a very cool experience and not as tricky as it looks! (priming is heating up the bowl of the stove with some liquid fuel so that once the head of the burner has heated up sufficiently the liquid fuel will vaporize and turn into the cooking gas that you use.)



Priming the Dragonfly 

The glove-friendly simmer control is very accurate and you can get just the right amount of fuel out to cook what you need to. The stove only takes 15-20 pumps on a full fuel bottle. The whole system can also fit inside a MSR 2 liter pot for easy storage when you are going hiking and every little space counts. Although this is one of the noisier stoves that MSR makes, I think it boils water faster than some of the quieter stoves on the market. The heat and wind reflectors come in handy when you don’t want to lose any precious heat to the elements.

All in all I think that this is a great stove for anything, be it camping, hiking, climbing or just moving into a new house and missing a stove 😀