The Build Up




The Build up to the Bouldering season has begun. The excitement when you look at the weekend’s weather and see it’s below 30 degrees and all the Boulder league Tuesday nights. It’s coming. After having a break from bouldering during the summer I am more psyched then ever to see that first Clanwilliam (30km) sign and drive over the Pakhuys Pass and just feel the psych that will run through my veins the moment a see into the valley. Our first trip will be on the 21st of March and I can’t wait to see all the old faces and to meet knew ones too! Although it will be hot, I haven’t stopped thinking about Rocklands since, well…hmmmm…. maybe 3 years ago! everyday I dream about waking up to the birds tweeting and the cold morning air sitting over the valley.

Rocklands has always been the center of my bouldering since I first went there. Frankly, it’s just that good and the moment I come back from one trip I start thinking of the next one. My whole existence is framed around this barren little piece of land 25km from Clanwilliam in the Cedarberg… Doesn’t sound very appealing? well to me it does and i’m sure that most people who have had the privilege of going feel the same.


During the Holidays, I went to Waterval Boven with my friend from Gauteng, Josh Greaves. We had a blast but I never felt that same feeling when I first climbed there as I did when I climbed in Rocklands for the first time. That immediate, overpowering feeling of pure joy and something absolutely indescribable.  monster 1.JPG

Boulder Nationals are coming up in KZN in April, although this will probably end up being more of a surfing trip then climbing, I look forward to competing on the same wall where my first Boulder Nationals were. I love the vibe at competitions and the awesome people you get to meet. It’s a great place to interact and learn tips from other climbers and get beta that will work for you. that’s what I love about climbers, they will cheer for you until they loose their voice but they still want to win, don’t we all?

I just wanted to share some of my psych with you guys and hope to see all of you in Rocklands or Echo or anywhere, aslong as you’re crushing, it doesn’t matter!


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